Our Mission

The mission of Busy Bees Early Learning House is to provide a rich, nurturing and joyful environment where students can build and enhance academic, social, and practical skills for students ages 3-5.

Program Philosophy

Young children learn best through hands-on, experiential activities in an emotionally safe environment that encourages curiosity.

Children will be exposed to both traditional and Montessori methods.

Our Goals

I will strive to help children become independent, confident, inquisitive students, while providing them with activities that promote school readiness.

Our Day

Students will be exposed to early reading and writing, math, science, social studies, art, and music. Practical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills will also be emphasized.

Meet Mrs. Peterson

For over 14 years, Mrs. Peterson has been enriching the lives of her students by providing a positive learning experience for elementary aged children. As her students learn new ideas and grasp challenging concepts, she is fueled by her passion for teaching young kids. By creating Busy Bees Early Learning House, Mrs. Peterson brings her extensive, real-world classroom experience to a more private, individualized setting with your child.



Using both traditional and Montessori methods, we develop life-long learners who possess a spirit of cooperation and academic adventure, and help our students acquire habits and skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Reading and Writing

Early Math

Life Skills

Why Love Busy Bees

Mrs. Peterson was my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. She is my child’s favorite teacher. She’s loving yet pushes her students to their highest potential. I was amazed at how much my daughter learned in one year and how much more self efficient she became. I can’t wait to see the amazing things Mrs. Peterson will do with her own preschool!


Sandy Peterson is my daughter’s favorite teacher. She provided my daughter with not only the educational material she needed in 2nd grade, but also the emotional connection for my shy little girl. She is truly an amazing teacher and person.

– Staci

I have known Sandy for over 9 years. She taught second grade to 2 of my 3 children. She was, by far, the best teacher any of my children ever had. She truly cares for each and every individual child and works hard to meet their individual needs. She is patient, organized and creative! When our oldest broke her leg, she immediately took all the necessary measures to make sure our daughter was comfortable and taken care of in the classroom, in the lunchroom and at recess. When our youngest daughter was in her first theatrical performance, Sandy took time out of her busy personal life to come watch her perform. I can’t tell you how much everything she has done for our family has meant to all of us. She has repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty. We are so blessed to know her.

– Michelle

We were lucky enough to have Sandy as a 2nd grade teacher for BOTH of our children. I can look back now and see that first she loved them for who they were, and then she taught them…in that order. She was the first teacher to not only recognize unique talents in each of our children, but to seek ways for them to develop those talents. She will forever be a special memory as an impactful adult in the lives of our children!


I appreciated how Sandy took a proactive approach to teaching and truly cared about what my child needed as an individual; be it instructing to their particular learning style, offering extra encouragement, or simply giving them an additional hug, I knew that they were well taken care of when they were with her.

-Jennifer L.


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